Fashion is Art and You are the Canvas

Creating exquisite garments that provide a chic look along with all day comfort, designed by the multi-award winning artist Ulemj Glamuzina.

From the Sands of Mongolia... to the Streets of Japan... to the Shores of New Zealand



The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is a renowned street in the heart of Paris... 

Ginza District

Ginza District

Ginza is the most famous district for shopping and entertainment in Tokyo... 



With its bold strokes and muted tones, ERA collection is the collection where... 

Silk Accessories

Our Values

  • Self-Expression

    We believe that your clothing is an extension of you and a way to express yourself. Our collections are unique and designed to inspire and provide beauty in your everyday life.

  • Quality

    We're not interested in generic mass produced seasonal clothing, we use high end fabrics (silk, linen etc), and eco dyes with the items being manufactured in New Zealand in limited quantities to be timeless pieces to cherish.

  • Creativity

    The freedom and ability to problem solve, the courage to test the boundaries and work outside the box, in order to come up with new and innovative ways of acting.

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