Ulemj Glamuzina

 Ulemj as an artist

Ulemj is a visual artist, educator, interpreter, and a mother. She creates moody and emotive figurative pieces as well as abstract art where she explores relationships between texture, movement and mark making. 

As a child she grew up being very aware of her different background every time she moved from one country to another and learning different cultures. She tried to learn the differences very quickly in order to assimilate. She didn’t want to be the Odd one out but inside she was always aware of how different she was as there usually was no one around her who shared a similar background.

More recently she started looking inwards and accepting herself. She is trying to release control and get free in the painting. When she paints, she feels okay to be vulnerable. Ulemj connects with herself and trusts her intuition, accepting who she is and embracing being different.


In the media


Ulemj Glamuzina

 How ZU started

Fashion plays a significant role in Ulemj’s life so she has decided to launch her clothing label ZU. Ulemj believes that garments have power to influence and alter one’s perception, expressing oneself visually.

Her appreciation of quality clothing began with her mother and evolved through living in Japan. It took of a whole new dynamic living in New Zealand, where she had the freedom to be herself and embrace her individuality. 

Ulemj says,

“ZU is here to celebrate this and connect with others who are looking to do the same. Wear Zu, celebrate You.“


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